Questionable Subfloor?

Job Preparation | April 17th, 2012 |

Cracks on basement concrete, bouncing plywood, how can you be sure these problems do not transfer to your new stone or tile floor? Ditra is a product produced by Schluter, it will provide waterproofing, movement support and protection that other underlayment does not provide.

Ditra provides protection in situations where waterproofing or a vapor barrier is needed (concrete or gypsum floors). It can also help with uncoupling, or allowing minor movement (cracks, flexing) to be distributed across an area. This offers some protection against cracks transferring through your tile or stone.

Ditra and products like it are not always needed, but can be used as an alternative to cement board underlayment. Tom the Tile Guy offers various products depending on your situation, feel free to contact us

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